Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nice Piece of art

I visited my tailor today to enquire whether she has finished stitching my salwar kameez, the material my DH has gifted me for our 10th marriage anniversary. As usual, I had to be behind her to get it stitched. Call her often and on to find the status of the stitching.

Today, I found set of sofa covers lying on her sewing machine. I opened to see the design pattern at the front. This is what it looks like.

I requested her to give me a sofa cover.

I took it home. Took pictures of it in all possible directions. In fact, traced it into a paper. Ended up in backpain the next day.

This pattern will look good if one does painting this on fabric. Maybe one day, i 'll give it a try...No commitments

Sweet home beadwork project.....WIP...never know when i'll finish??!??!

Another beadwork from my pandora box.. "About my sweet home beadwork project"....

this is still not completed..i donno when i will finish this project.

I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning and my engine starts from then on. Preparing my twins right from brushing to taking bath to feeding them breakfast..literally running around…thank god, I’ve a cook. If she does not turn up, then that is all..running between kitchen and bathroom. My DH helps me a lot in taking care of my twins whilst I would be busy cooking breakfast and lunch.

After dropping my children in their school, I reach office by 10 o’clock and after a hectic work schedule, I would be back home probably at 8’o clock in the night…sometimes if the workload goes beyond…it will be 10’o clock…Sigh!!!!

So how can complete these project?....In fact, it was long forgotten project.

(Side border of Sweet home banner - it should come at both ends)


(Sweet home - See how cute it is)

(Sweet home banner)

(How the final project should somewhat look like)

(Sweet Home - Work in progess..still not finished)

(The whole project's output and raw materials)

(A bag of beads - My DH money got locked in here for years)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Design on a Salwar Kameez - 6

Please look into some of my embroidery works that I’ve worked on a white plain cotton salwar kameez…

The neckline and arm line and the middle line from the neck till the bottom of the chudithaar is Couching or laid work. I used the blue woolen thread as surface thread and the second finer thread is the normal kamal thread for anchoring.

This is followed by a line of feather stitch. This is running around the neckline, arm line, and the middle of the chudithaar.
For the shoulder line, I’ve used buttonhole stitch.

Design on a plain salwar kameez - 5

Here is another simple one…..

I’ve just stitched some peacock buttons in some order which hopefully has ended up in some reasonable design…

Design on a plain salwar kameez - 4

Here is another one…..that I’ve stitched on a black plain crape salwar kameez.

For the neckline, I’ve stitched a line of chain stitch…then a line of glass straw beads….then third line is chain stitch…followed by the fork shaped jamki design….the ends ending with a jamki…..

The body of the salwar kameez has a star shaped design..same work…jamki at the center and it points outwards in all direction ending with a jamki…
In the hands too, I’ve followed a star shaped jamki work and 2 fork shaped jamki work….

Design on a plain Salwar kameez - 3

Some of the small projects I’m involved in past few months:

I brought some plain cloth and get it stitched as a salwar kameez and I'm planning to do some embroidery work on it. This is one way of forcing myself to get in touch with this art. I was quite confused what work should I work on and finally I did this.

(The whole view of the chudithaar top)

(The arm length and the neck portion has the plaited fly stitch ending with the jamki)

(Closer view of the fly stich surrounding a round button. I've ended the fly stitch on a jamki)

For more details on this stitch: please refer to the following link:

Chikan work - Design from a Saree

(Body of the saree)

(Pallu design)

(Scattered in the body of the saree)

My cook was wearing a saree full of chikan work. I just took some pictures of it and posted here. Maybe in future, i may try working on this design in my chudithaar or plain saree or something else. If somebody is interested, please feel free to take this sample and I would be happy if they inform me about their work.

Design on a plain salwar kameez -2

Here is another small project from my end on another plain salwar kameez.

I have used detached chain stitch/lazy daisy profusely and little bit of stem stich for the stem and for the leaves i've used didn't come out well, though

(The full picture of the top)

(The hand portion)

(The hand portion in a broader view)

(Neck portion)

(A wider view of the neck region)

(The bottom portion of the top)

Design on a plain salwar kameez - 1

Here is another small project on my cream color plain Salwar Kameez:

I’ve used herringbone stitches on my hand and the collar region.

The bottom of the chudithaar has 2 lines of herringbone stitches too.

(Bottom with 2 lines of herringbone stitch - blue color interlaced with rose color)

I’ve used a running stictch to keep the herringbone stitch from going astray.

(closer view of the hand...herringbone stitch running all the length from the shoulder)

(Collar and neck portion)

I’ve pasted some stones on the whole of my top chudithaar using a fabric glue.

(Top of the can see the stones pasted with equal spacing alternatively scattered all over the body)

It did not come out well as I thought. Everytime I wear it, one or the other stones comes out and it will be lying here and there driving my whole family crazy.

Another beadwork project

This is another beadwork i did..Courtesy is the aunty from Madhurai.

This is kept on the top of the main entrance of the house. It is believed that it guards evil from entering the house. It is called "Sanghu, Chakram, Namam".

It is framed and kept in my pooja room.

Another treasure from my Pandora box- Beads, beads and beads...

I’m happy to see the treasure bag full of beadworks of mine with lotsa of bead packets and a box full of beads. My DH is not happy though. He says that money is locked in here for nothing. When invested, there should be some returns. Naah!!! I don’t mind.

My first project on beadwork started way back in school days. My first was slide with letter “WELCOME”. I don’t remember where I have that now. Should be at my amma’s home. Next time when I go to my hometown, I will definitely take a click and post it in my blog. Then I believe it is “Swamy Saranam” ..praising “Lord Ayyappa”. This also should be in my amma’s place..Emh..As I write this note, memories are flowing…

Forget about the past.

Coming to the recent past…LOL…
My bead project started with this. I had a neighbour from Madurai and she had a huge collection of beadworks. I could do only few of those masterpieces with the free time I got then with my twins around. The issue was my son was very naughty and the moment he sees some beads lying on the floor , he immediately picks it up and puts it in his month and bites and chews it with that “Kadukku, kadukku” sound. I’ve to force open his mouth by holding his cheeks tightly which gives him great amount of pain. I put one of my fingers to flush the bead out of his mouth and he goes crying out to my DH that amma pressed my cheeks!!! Sobs…So I wait till they go to sleep. The moment they are awake, I pack my bead box and hide it in my shelf.

(Lord Venkateswara, Balaji, Srinivasa, Perumal, Venkatachalapathy)

(Goddess Meenakshi)

(The couple).

I've to hunt for a good person who could frame it well. Once I gave this for framing and he made a bad job out of it. I got angry and just told him "What have you done?". Before i could complete, he removed the whole frame work within minutes. Still I didn't get it why he undid his work?...But at the end of it, my beads which makes the border (last row down below), all got broken. I got really angry. But then it was futile. I just walked out of the shop disappointed.

My first Patchwork

(Full view of Lord Ganesha)

(Lord Ganesha)

(Complete Work...with border and all)

I was learning embroidery and needle works from one of my neighbour, named Sangeetha, when i was living in Hosur, a small town on the border between Karnataka and TamilNadu, India. I was out of work and was spending my full time with my twins. So back to stitching lessons, I learned good number of stitches and one of the stitch was patchwork. Somehow i liked it so much. In fact she showed me her piece of patchwork for me. I was so interested that I did the whole work all by myself. It was a challenge by itself.

I started it with my own idea.but later i've to undo the whole thing. I really learned it in a hardway. It was interesting. If I remember right, i took almost 1 and 1/2 months to finish this piece of amazing art work.

(Lord Ganesha's vehicle..Moonjhur..rat)

Check this out. This is one of the treasure that i found from my Pandora Box..My adorable Lord Ganapathi......

My next quest is to find a good place where they can do some pretty decent frame for this patchwork of mine. I'm bit scared to give this for framing as i had some bitter experience before when i gave for framing my bead work...which is another treasure inside my pandora box...LOL...hang on for my next post on my classic bead works......
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