Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sweet home beadwork project.....WIP...never know when i'll finish??!??!

Another beadwork from my pandora box.. "About my sweet home beadwork project"....

this is still not completed..i donno when i will finish this project.

I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning and my engine starts from then on. Preparing my twins right from brushing to taking bath to feeding them breakfast..literally running around…thank god, I’ve a cook. If she does not turn up, then that is all..running between kitchen and bathroom. My DH helps me a lot in taking care of my twins whilst I would be busy cooking breakfast and lunch.

After dropping my children in their school, I reach office by 10 o’clock and after a hectic work schedule, I would be back home probably at 8’o clock in the night…sometimes if the workload goes beyond…it will be 10’o clock…Sigh!!!!

So how can complete these project?....In fact, it was long forgotten project.

(Side border of Sweet home banner - it should come at both ends)


(Sweet home - See how cute it is)

(Sweet home banner)

(How the final project should somewhat look like)

(Sweet Home - Work in progess..still not finished)

(The whole project's output and raw materials)

(A bag of beads - My DH money got locked in here for years)


  1. wow hats off tho to you.
    beautiful work...looking forward to see many more

  2. Thanks Madhavi for visiting me..and the first to post the comment since i launched my blog.


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