Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Design on a plain salwar kameez - 1

Here is another small project on my cream color plain Salwar Kameez:

I’ve used herringbone stitches on my hand and the collar region.

The bottom of the chudithaar has 2 lines of herringbone stitches too.

(Bottom with 2 lines of herringbone stitch - blue color interlaced with rose color)

I’ve used a running stictch to keep the herringbone stitch from going astray.

(closer view of the hand...herringbone stitch running all the length from the shoulder)

(Collar and neck portion)

I’ve pasted some stones on the whole of my top chudithaar using a fabric glue.

(Top of the chudithaar..you can see the stones pasted with equal spacing alternatively scattered all over the body)

It did not come out well as I thought. Everytime I wear it, one or the other stones comes out and it will be lying here and there driving my whole family crazy.

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